Buddhism Graphics & Resources Super Pack

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Buddhism Graphics & Resources Super Pack

Alan Peto
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Would you like to learn more about Buddhism?  New to Buddhism and Buddhist teachings?  Then my Buddhist graphics and resources collection is what you are looking for!

These graphics took me many months to create (researching, designing, refining, etc.), and are made to help you!

Note: If you'd rather just view these graphics on your phone or computer, you can find them on my website here: https://alanpeto.com/graphics

How to Download

  • Only $1 for ALL the graphics and resources in this pack!  
  • Or, you can also give what you want for how helpful you feel these graphics are for you (such as 5 for $5, 10 for $10, etc.). 
  • Just place the number you wish to give in the price box on this page ($1 minimum). This includes any future graphics/resources I add to this product/collection at no additional cost!  

Your generosity is always greatly appreciated and helps to support me with creating new graphics/resources, funds to keep the website going, graphic design software updates, and other efforts that help me support Buddhism. 

No Risk: If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

What You Get

You get 17 graphics and resources (which can include several different versions - 36 downloads in total)!  

All downloads are high-quality PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, which is perfect for printing at home or at a print shop (such as FedEx Office, UPS Store, etc.).  

As a bonus, you automatically get whatever new graphics I add to this product (collection) at no additional cost.

1 - Buddhism Cheat Sheet  POPULAR!!

2 - Buddhism Quick Start Reference

3 - Eightfold Path Reference Card  POPULAR!!

4 - Daily Buddhist Practice  

5 - Buddhist Scriptures

6 - Buddhism, a Quick Intro Poster

7 - Buddhist Calendar (2021 and 2022 versions)

8 - Bodhisattva Quick Reference

9 - Buddhism Secrets of Cats Reference

10 - Buddhist Thanksgiving Prayer

11 - Buddha's Rules of Leadership

12 - Loving-Kindness Prayer

13 - Five Remembrances / Reflections

14 - Pure Land Nembutsu Posters  

15 - Buddhist Daily Practice Guide POPULAR!!

16 - Buddhist Sitting Meditation Reference 

17 - Bodhi Day Social Media Graphics

18 - Daily Buddhist Practice Motivation Poster NEW!!

Buddhist Sitting Meditation

Get the basics of Buddhist sitting meditation all in one graphic! A perfect way to start your meditation practice. 

Buddhism Cheat Sheet

My most popular graphic gives you a one-page reference to many Buddhist terms. 

Daily Practice Poster

A beautiful and easy way to start a daily Buddhist practice. This file gives you four different versions (three with a different image at the bottom), with one that is basic/plain (no lotus flowers or image at the bottom).

Buddhism Quick Reference

This one-page reference shows the basics of Buddhism such as the Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold Path, Five Precepts, and the Triple Gem. Perfect for posting to your wall for easy viewing.


Eightfold Path Folding Reference Card

A favorite of many where you can either 'fold' this into a tiny square to easily carry or keep as is and post it on your wall. Short guidance on each part of the path is included. 

Daily Buddhist Practice Guide

In my article and video, I showed you a small three-ring binder I use for my daily practice. By popular demand, I created a version for you! You get three versions: 1) a printable version you can add to your own small binder, 2) a PDF version for use on any electronic device, and 3) an eBook version for a Kindle device. Sections include offerings and prostrations, triple gem (refuge), five precepts, five remembrances, chanting/reciting sutras (six sermons, with five modified versions: Heart Sutra, Discourse on the Blessings, Loving Kindness, Diamond Sutra [Four Line Verse Version], and the Fire Sermon), meditation and chanting, and dedication of merit. This guide is intended to be comfortably short as something you can use every day in your practice to guide you along - it is not an in-depth guide or book. Only digital files are included for you to print or view electronically - no binder, sheet protectors, Buddha, candles, etc., are included.

Example pages from the PDF version

2022 Buddhist Calendar

This beautiful calendar comes in Adobe PDF format which you can print out and hang on your wall, or just view electronically each month. Each month has a Buddhist image, quote/teaching from the Buddha or a Buddhist leader, and Buddhist holidays or ceremonies. An explanation of the holidays is included at the end of the calendar.

Buddhist Scriptures Quick Reference

Three graphics related to the scriptural canons of Buddhism: A 'canons' overview (Pali Canon, Chinese Canon, and Tibetan Canon), and dedicated ones for the Pali and Chinese Canons. Included as part of this pack but you can also get these images via the article here.


Bodhisattva Quick Reference

A major focus of Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisattva path is one that many seek to follow. This reference gives you the Four Vows, Five Paths, and the Six Perfections a Bodhisattva has. 


Buddhism a Quick Intro Poster

A favorite for many years, this poster shows you the basics of Buddhism - specifically the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. Included are versions for printing at home, or at a print shop so you can hang them on your wall. 

Buddhist Thanksgiving Prayer

A beautiful way to show loving-kindness (metta) any time of the year in my revised and condensed version of the Metta Sutta. 

Buddhism Secrets of Cats

The infographic that accompanies one of my most popular articles, discover the hidden meditation secrets of cats, and their exclusive 'kitten' eightfold path! Learn more at BuddhismSecretsOfCats.com

Loving-Kindness Prayer Poster

A beautiful practice in Buddhism, Loving-Kindness ("Metta") can be done anywhere at any time. This shortened version of the prayer is easy to remember and use. Also includes a Tibetan version.

The Five Remembrances

A popular part of the daily practice of millions of Buddhists, the Five Remembrances (or Five Reflections) are a way we can confront our fears, accept them, and be transformed. This graphic also comes as part of the free Buddhist Daily Planner for the COVID-19 Pandemic (https://gumroad.com/l/BuddhistPlannerCOVID)

Pure Land Buddhism Practice Posters

Pure Land Buddhism revolves around a straightforward practice for laypersons: reciting the Nembutsu, which is chanting the name of Amitabha Buddha and his Western Pure Land. Pure Land Buddhism is the most popular form of Buddhist by Buddhists, and there are different versions for the East-Asian countries. You will get several Nembustu versions (All will have English text, along with Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese). 


Buddha's Rules of Leadership

Learn how we can apply the leadership lessons of the Buddha into our modern everyday lives! 

Bodhi Day Social Media Graphics

Bodhi Day is celebrated in either December or January (depending on your tradition and calendar). A nice way to celebrate is to post to social media! I've included four graphics you can use during this time.

Daily Practice Motivational Poster

Keeping motivated is important in practice. This poster features the popular quote from Dhammapada verse 183 and the Verse of the Seven Ancient Buddhas which distills the essence of Buddhism and Buddhist practice. PDF includes several solid color variations.

These graphics are created and copyright by Alan Peto, All Rights Reserved, and are considered to be the Intellectual Property of Alan Peto and are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Title 17 Chapter 512 (c)(3), and international copyright laws. Reproduction or re-publication of this content is prohibited without permission. You may use it for your own personal private use. Please do not post to your blog/website, file-sharing services, publications, commercial use, etc., unless you have obtained permission from Alan Peto (www.alanpeto.com/contact).  This product does not include any books or other types of references.  On social media, you can link to this page with the following URL:  https://gumroad.com/i/BuddhismGraphics

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You'll get 18 graphics and resources and variations (36 high-quality PDF files, 1 Kindle Compatible File)


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