The Buddhism Secrets of Cats (eBook + Graphics)

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What if cats are secretly Buddhist monks?

The journey into the secret lives of Buddhist cats started with a mysterious note that led the author on a journey halfway around the world. He discovered a hidden Buddhist temple in the mountains that were the center of a secret society of Buddhist cat monastics. 

Revealed to humans for the first time, Buddhist cats reveal their ancient Cat Buddhism teachings of the "Kitten Eightfold Path", the "Purring Sutra", the "Ten Kitten Herding Pictures", the real reason why cats knock drinking glasses off tables, and much more.

As you will soon learn, the "typical house cat" is anything but typical...they are Buddhist masters! Passed down for generations, the Buddhism Secrets of Cats is a highly skilled practice that cats are taught when they are kittens and practice for a lifetime. You will never look at your kitty the same way after learning their behaviors are actually Buddhist techniques! 

But a word of extreme caution before you read this book: never say where you found these feline Buddhist secrets, or you may find yourself facing rebirth as a puppy and spending your life sniffing other dogs…um…well, never mind.

If you are a Buddhist (or interested in Buddhism), and like cats, this is your book! 😻

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What You Get:

  • Three (3) eBooks (PDF + Kindle + ePUB):  PDF version (for reading on your laptop or tablet), .MOBI version (for Kindle), and ePub version (compatible with Apple Books & other eBook readers).  Complete with various color illustrations throughout the book (unless viewing on Kindle or another eInk reader that does not display color).  Looking for a paperback version of this book?  Click here!
  • Three (3) Graphics:  An infographic of the Buddhist cat meditation techniques and kitten eightfold path, the ten kitten herding pictures, and the Buddha and Bodhipurrma image for your altar (or just to frame)! See some of these graphics by scrolling through them in the large image above (arrow buttons to the side, or if viewing on a phone, just swipe).
  • The Secret Society of Buddhist Cats Membership Certificate:  After reading the book (which is your handbook), you may now feel ready to join the Buddhist cats.  If so, complete this certificate and proudly display it on your wall.  Well, maybe not on your wall since this is a secret society, so keep it locked up.
  • And most importantly:  Illustrations of Buddhist cats throughout the book! 😸


  • Discovering the Secret Society
  • Bodhipurrma, the First Cat Monk 
  • The Profound Purring Sūtra 
  • Purrfectly Meditating 
  • The Suffering of the Half-Empty Food Bowl 
  • Mu! or Meow!? 
  • Enlightenment at the End of the Laser Pointer 
  • The Kitten Eightfold Path 
  • Rebirth in the 9 Cat Lives 
  • The Ten Kitten Herding Pictures 
  • Departing the Cave 
  • Epilogue 
  • Questions & Answers 
  • About the Author 
  • Glossary of Buddhist Terms

Book Details:

  • Genre:  Fiction / Humor / Cats / Buddhism (with non-fiction elements related to Buddhism and Buddhist history/teachings)
  • Illustrations:  By Alan Peto
  • ISBN: 978-1-7354003-1-0 (PDF)
  • ISBN: 978-1-7354003-2-7 (eBook)
  • Format:  Electronic Book (in Adobe PDF, MOBI, and EPUB file formats)
  • Note:  You can get the Kindle version of this book on Amazon (click here), although the MOBI version included here will work with your Kindle.  To get the Paperback book edition on Amazon, click here.

This book and graphics are copyright by Alan Peto. You may use it for your own personal private use. Please do not post to your blog/website, share with others, add to publications, commercial use, etc., unless you have first obtained permission by Alan Peto (

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Last updated Jul 3, 2023

You'll get the following

eBooks (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB)
Cat Secrets Infographic (PDF)
Zen Cat's Ten Kitten Herding Pictures (PDF)
Buddha and Bodhipurrma Altar Image (PDF)
Membership Certificate (PDF)


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The Buddhism Secrets of Cats (eBook + Graphics)

10 ratings
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