Buddhist Daily Planner for the COVID-19 Pandemic (eBook + Graphics)

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About This: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing many people to shelter in place, be quarantined, social distancing, and generally change their daily behaviors. But what does this mean for Buddhists? As a Buddhist, you may no longer be able to attend Buddhist services, see your teacher, or know how to navigate this crisis. 

I teamed up with Buddhist monk Venerable Sanathavihari Los Angeles to create this planner. This 14-day planner provides a guide to help you during this time with Buddhist teachings and concepts. Each day you will get information, a daily focus, and a daily practice. 

NOTE: Since the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, this eBook is offered "as-is" in archive status. This means that websites and other information will no longer be updated.

Some of the content of the planner include:

  • What You Will Need
  • The Buddha (Picture for Altar)
  • Four Noble Truths & COVID-19
  • Basic Meditation Skills
  • 14 Days of Practice
  • Daily Activities for Children
  • Helpful Articles List
  • Online Dharma/Dhamma Services List
  • Recommended Buddhist Scripture
  • Buddhist Hand Washing
  • Hand Washing Gatha Poster
  • When You Are Isolated at Home
  • Eightfold Path Quick Reference Card
  • Buddhism Quick Reference Card

What You Get: You get the planner in high-quality Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format so you can view on any device or print it out. Whenever there are updates to the planner, you can get it right from the downloads page at any time!  You will also get a "Buddhist Handwashing Gatha" poster (.PDF) file, six "Buddhist Handwashing Nembustu" posters (.PDF) files (for those in the Pure Land Buddhism faith), and "The Five Remembrances poster" (.PDF) as part of your daily practice.

To view the complimentary article for the planner, visit: https://alanpeto.com/buddhism/buddhist-viral-pandemic

How to Download: 

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Last updated Jul 3, 2023

You will get all these items:

Daily Planner (36 pages)
1 (.PDF format)
Handwashing Gatha Poster (Loving Kindness Sutta/Sutra)
1 (.PDF Format)
Handwashing Nembustu Posters (In English and JP, KR, VN, CN)
6 (.PDF Format)
Handwashing Prayer Poster (Tibetan Buddhism)
1 (.PDF Format)
The Five Remembrances Poster
1 (.PDF Format)
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Buddhist Daily Planner for the COVID-19 Pandemic (eBook + Graphics)

51 ratings
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