Daily Buddhist Practice Guide (eBook + Graphics)

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About This:

Learning how to practice Buddhism can be challenging for those new to Buddhism and who don't have a Buddhist temple nearby. This book serves as a guide to constructing and starting a daily Buddhist practice right at home!

Inside the book you will learn:

  • The reasons why certain practices exist
  • The reasons why one practices Buddhism
  • How to bow and prostrate
  • Meditation techniques
  • Constructing a Buddhist altar
  • Using Buddhist prayer beads (Malas)
  • and much more!

If you've ever been interested in Buddhism and want to start practicing, this book will provide you with a great introduction until you can find a Buddhist temple and monastics in a tradition you want to follow.

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Contents of the Book:

  • Welcome!
  • Why Should I Practice?
  • What is a Daily Practice?
  • How Do I Practice?
  • How Do I Stay Motivated?
  • Daily Practice Quick Start
  • Step 1: Offerings and Prostrations
  • Step 2: The Three Refuges
  • Step 3: The Five Precepts
  • Step 4: The Five Remembrances
  • Step 5: Chant or Read a Sūtra
  • Step 6: Meditation or Recitation
  • Step 7: Dedication of Merit
  • 7-Day Guided Practice
  • Appendix A: Repentance
  • Appendix B: Observance Days
  • Appendix C: Holidays, Ceremonies, and Rituals
  • Appendix D: Practicing at a Buddhist Temple
  • Appendix E: Practicing While Traveling
  • Appendix F: Practicing in Everyday Life
  • Appendix G: Creating a Home Buddhist Altar
  • Appendix H: Using Malas
  • Appendix I: Dharma Services
  • Appendix J: Dharma Friends
  • Appendix K: Buddhist Traditions
  • Glossary
  • Your Notes

What You Get: 

  • eBook: You get the book in high-quality Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format so you can view on any device or print it out.  Whenever there are updates to the book, you can get it right from your Gumroad downloads library at any time! (Be sure to create a password so you have an account for easy access). If you're looking to print this book rather than view it electronically, I recommend getting the paperback version on Amazon instead (link).

  • Daily Buddhist Practice Poster: A one-page poster that gives you an easy-to-follow list for a daily practice rooted in the Buddhist traditions and teachings to help you when you are just starting out without a tradition to follow.
  • Buddhist Sitting Meditation Poster: A one-page poster that provides basic instruction on sitting meditation, postures, and techniques.
  • Buddhist Daily Practice Motivational Poster: Features five (5) solid color versions and one (1) gray version (for black and white printer printing). This famous quote of the Buddha can serve as inspiration and motivation to continue practicing!
  • Pure Land Recitation Posters, Five Remembrances Poster, and Loving-Kindness Posters: Some extra posters to add motivation to your practice!
  • Just want the graphics? They are also included in my Buddhism Graphics & Resources Super Pack here.

Book Details:

  • Genre:  Nonfiction
  • Illustrations:  By Alan Peto
  • ISBN: 978-1-7354003-3-4 (PaperbackISBN: 978-1-7354003-4-1 (eBook)
  • Format:  Electronic Book (in Adobe PDF file format)
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Last updated Jul 3, 2023

Daily Buddhist Practice Guide
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Daily Buddhist Practice Poster
1 (PDF)
Buddhist Meditation Poster
1 (PDF)
Motivational Posters
1 (PDF) with 6 Variations
Pure Land Recitation Posters
6 (PDF) Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese
Loving-Kindness Posters
2 (PDF)
Five Remembrances Poster
1 (PDF)


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Daily Buddhist Practice Guide (eBook + Graphics)

12 ratings
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